Matt Calhoun

IT Manager

St Martin's School

Position: IT Manager

Location: Hutton, Essex
From: August 2014
To: August 2021

IT Manager for St Martin's School and Larchwood Primary School

  • Managing a team of 4 Technicians.
  • Mentoring of IT Apprentices.
  • An understanding of the workings of a Multi Academy Trust, including aims, goals and expectations of working towards these goals.
  • Working with outsourced/3rd Party IT Service providers, both support and procurement.
  • Building excellent working relationships with customers and service providers, based on transparency and communication with an aim to continuously improve services.
  • Ensuring all Stakeholders are involved in regular communication, ensuring that they are fully updated on project progression.
  • Running projects and support on multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Dealing with vendors for both products and services, obtaining maximum value for money and ensuring requirements are met and exceeded.
  • Manage the operation of the IT infrastructure across both school sites and plan its strategic development.
  • Ensure the school’s IT facilities enable and enhance teaching, learning and administration.
  • Effectively manage the IT support team to optimise service delivery Trust wide and ensure ongoing professional development and training for team members.
  • Manage, maintain and control all IT equipment.
  • Manage the day to day operations of both school networks.
  • Ensure procurement of all hardware and software adheres to best value principles and is subject to a high quality evaluation, installation and maintenance.
  • Manage the IT team to ensure a professional, efficient and effective support service for staff and pupils.
  • To implement and maintain an electronic database of all ICT support requests.
  • Maintain an electronic inventory of all IT hardware and software, identifying those items that form a part of the asset register and liaising with the finance team and accountants accordingly.
  • Ensure all IT users have the correct access rights and accounts are regularly reviewed.
  • Manage the maintenance of IT resources (hardware and software) of both schools.
  • Manage the accurate production of network documentation of the network resources (hardware and software) and inventories and the Fixed Asset Register.
  • To manage all system updates, including SIMS, recognising the flexibility required and need to run some updates after hours or at weekends.
  • Manage, maintain and develop the schools broadband internet access and email systems.
  • Supervise the provision of technical advice to all staff.
  • Advise SLT on opportunities to improve existing systems.
  • Manage staff appraisal and monitoring of performance.
  • Control and implement the school’s security policies in respect of all software and hardware and ensure the security and integrity of the networks, licensing and copyright requirements.
  • Be prepared to attend training courses and also identify training needs of staff.
  • Offer technical advice and support to other schools within the Brentwood Academies Trust.
  • Prepare and manage the IT budgets, reporting any variances to the Finance Director.
  • To ensure disaster recovery procedures are in place and regularly tested. Ensuring back up procedures are robust and comply with the BAT financial regulations.
  • Assist with providing strategic support and direction.
  • Raise the profile of IT in the school.
  • Raise risk assessment awareness for safe working practice in IT.
  • Maintain existing relations with IT suppliers and partners whilst focusing on value for money.
  • Advise on purchasing and negotiation of hardware and support contracts.
  • Advise on school requirements, upgrades and new technologies and their application.
  • Supervise projects as required including working with contractors and consultants.
  • Develop and facilitate a better teaching and learning environment.
  • Contribute to delivery of whole staff training.
  • Maintenance of the St Martins telephone system.
  • Support the site team in management of the St Martins CCTV system.
  • Ensure all systems comply with the current GDPR requirements.
  • Support of St Martins cashless catering system.
  • Management of the school web filtering system.
  • Maintain and update St Martins website.

Projects Successfully Managed

  • Migration of St Martins Email from onsite Exchange 2007 server to Office 365.
  • Upgrade of servers from 2003 to 2012 R2.
  • Migration and upgrade from Server 2008 to Server 2012/2016
  • Renewal of Server Hosts and SAN.
  • Replacement of St Martins aged CAT 5 cabling to CAT 6, including new fibre optics and managed switch configuration.
  • Installation of 2nd Core switch.
  • Migration and implementation to new broadband provider.
  • Migration to new parental communication system
  • Planning and implementation of a new St Martins website.
  • Implementation of new managed network and data migration in Larchwood Primary
  • Upgrade of both schools from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Implementation of managed print software in both schools.

Covid-19 Support

  • Microsoft Teams - Installation and configuration of Teams in both schools to allow remote learning. Custom policies put in place to ensure that the system cannot be misused.
  • Set up of cloud document areas for remote learning.
  • Contactless door system - Conversion of the existing push code door system to a card system. All staff issued with a card to allow access.
  • Conversion of Biometric catering system to a contactless card system - Biometric readers removed and card readers put in their place. Each member of staff and all students issued a card linked to their catering account. These cards double as ID badges and door access where needed.
  • The preparation and distribution of IT kit to disadvantaged students for home learning.
  • The procurement and distribution of mobile wi-fi to disadvantaged students for home learning.
  • Set up of the IT kit for COVID-19 mass testing.