Matt Calhoun

Gaynes School

Position: System Manager
Location: Upminster, Essex
From: January 2007
To: August 2014

  • Provide information and advice to the management of the school to assist strategic and long term planning, problem resolution and technical developments.
  • Redesign and maintain the School Website
  • Manage, organize and implement school ICT development projects.
  • Management of the School Telephone system
  • Assess and advise in both curriculum and administration ICT improvements and project plan all activities from initial idea to project completion.
  • Ensure first line help and support on a day-to day basis
  • Respond to queries and requests from staff and pupils
  • To repair and upgrade and resolve faults in equipment
  • Addressing systems and applications failure and malfunctions
  • Using a helpdesk system for prioritization, managing the recording and resolution of ICT issues.
  • Referring work to external suppliers and providers – using agreed protocols where necessary.
  • Install, set up, configure, test and record ICT equipment, systems and software.
  • Responsible for audio/video within the school and for after school activities.
  • Responsible for SIMS user accounts, addition/deletion and maintenance of all requests.
  • Periodically review supplier’s costs and services with the objective of improving quality of service and cost for the school.
  • Responsible for the budget for ICT Stationery. Hardware maintenance and Telephones
  • Analyse and recommend software packages to enhance the school’s performance both administration and curriculum.
  • Plan and implement a programme of scheduled routine maintenance to equipment, systems and procedures that is agreed with the management of the school.
  • Plan and implement the regular ICT audit and maintenance of an up-to-date inventory using recording procedures agreed with the Senior Leadership Team.
  • To take appropriate action to identify, evaluate and minimize any risks to health, safety and security in the immediate working environment.
  • Carry out risk assessments for the range of situations and activities arising from the use of ICT in the school.
  • Develop, plan and implement an agreed, scheduled and recorded programme of safety checks on ICT equipment and materials
  • Advise on and develop in the school best practice health and safety procedures in the use of ICT.
  • Develop, organize and implement agreed safety and security policy, systems and procedures covering: Information and data, Equipment and materials and Access to systems and networks
  • Ensure the safe storage and security of ICT materials and consumables, their ordering and purchase in accordance with the financial procedures of the school and for ensuring that adequate supplies are maintained.
  • Ensure safe and secure receipt and delivery of ICT materials, equipment and consumables.
  • Use personal ICT skills to support the administrative requirements of the post.
  • Organize installation of CAT5 structured cabling and network ports in classrooms and offices.