An experienced IT Manager with good all-round managerial and technical skills.

Matt Calhoun | My current role

I am responsible for the ongoing development and management of the network, system security, telephony and all classroom and office IT equipment in a Primary and Secondary School within a Multi Academy Trust.

Providing daily support and assistance to all staff and students in all things IT, I also manage the whole school IT budget, all IT procurement and all IT and telephony projects, ensuring that they are completed on schedule and within the set budget.

I have excellent organisational and communication skills meaning that I excel at leading a highly efficient team, have a proven track record of ensuring the smooth running of IT systems and providing IT services that improve the efficiency and performance of a workplace.


I am highly motivated with approaching three and a half decades of experience covering all business sectors with the ability to build professional relationships and communicate well with Stakeholders. 

Key Skills

IT Support


Project Management


Network Infrastructure


IT Procurement


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